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  • How to Install a Rubber Water Stop in a Concrete Wall

    A rubber water stop is designed to do just that, stop water from penetrating your concrete wall. Placed in the center of the wall where two separate sections will eventually join, the water stop forms a moisture barrier at the joints. Trying to figur

  • PVC Waterstop Installation Guide

    PVC waterstops a re for use in concrete joints subjected to hydrostatic pressure. Embedded in concrete, PVC waterstops span the joint to form a continuous, watertight diaphragm that prevents the passage of liquid through the joint. The waterstop must

  • what is Waterstop?

    A waterstop is a component that can be used to waterproof a concrete structure. The joints that exist where sections of concrete meet can present an opportunity for water to leak, so a number of methods have been developed to deal with this issue. Tw

  • How To Install Strip Waterstops?

    Preparation 1. Make sure the place of strip waterstops is not taken by surrounding reinforcing bars. 2. Check the strip waterstop for any defects and cracks. 3. Clean the joints of oil, grease, dust, dirts and construction debris of concrete surface.

  • LCL-Bridge's Spherical Bearing

    LCLs Spherical Bearings have been designed to be very easy to install, maintenance-free and cost-effective. The product has been successfully used in a broad range of applications which include: vehicle bridges, railway bridges and stadiums. LCLs Sphe



  • Hydrophilic Waterstop Installation Instructions

    APPLICATION PROCEDURES Carefully brush off all dust and debris and apply a coat of appropriate ConSeal primer to the area where the Waterstop is to be placed. Using the heel of the hand and moderate pressure, press a continuous bead ofWaterstop firml

  • Inflatable Bladders

    Inflatable bladders can use both inflatable seal profiles, or be completely molded to suit the application. Depending on the application and pressure requirements to inflate the bladder, an array of smaller bladders with thicker walls may be required

  • Water swelling waterstop strip

    Brief Introduction Water swelling waterstop strip is made from water swelling rubber water line on the basis of the ordinary rubber water-stop. The product swell when contact with the structures and increased the tightness between them which improved

  • pvc waterstop introduction

    PVC Waterstops are used for providing water impermeability in expansion-contraction (structure) joint seen in concrete structures exposed to high low water pressure and for preventing vibrations and deformations that would appear in concrete blocks.

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