Steel Side Water Stop

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Steel side water stop : The sections divided into high-strength area, water-proof area and the installation area can take unequal thickness structures according to the unique function of every area. So each part of the sections can get uniform and reasonable force. The outer wall surface of the stretch shrinkage is plane, the construction of the formwork folder system is not easy dislocation; Steel plate connected to additional mounting holes and reinforced rigid fixation is not easy displacement. Good adhesion between galvanized steel and concrete makes the waterproof performance better.

Advantage :

Steel plate rubber water-stop depends mainly on the middle of deformation crack in the concrete that they would be compressed or stretched, but play a role on sealing.
In general ,the adhesion between concrete and rubber is difficult. In conventional construction , compounded rubber is soft and elastic ,so that you can not easily be pouring concrete in the dig real; expansion joints in the concrete pull away from the reverse, rubber water-stop often loose and fall off, loose and fall off, resulting in the head under pressure will produce higher leakage.
For the large deformation crack the joint, as far as more prominent. Using of steel edge rubber water-stop, basically able to overcome these shortcomings of ordinary rubber water-stop. And this combined water stop also has a dual function. On the one hand, it can be extended way slow seepage rate; on the other hand, galvanized steel and concrete have a good adhesion. So it can bear a greater water-stop tension and torsion, and ensure the rubber water-stop in the concrete within the framework of the effective deformation does not produce loose and fall off, and raise sealing effect. Some steel edge outer walls of water stop-dimensional stretching holes, the construction of formwork system folder contact surface, difficult dislocation; an additional mounting hole and steel plate connected to a fixed solid difficult to shift. There is a so good adhesion between galvanized steel and concrete that water-proof performance becomes more excellent.