Hydrophilic Water Stop

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Hydrophilic water stop

Hydrophilic water stop is made from water-swelling rubber water line to the basis of the ordinary rubber water-stop. The product will swell when contacted with the structures. As a result, the tightness is fastened between them water stop and water-proof performance is improved and the problem of circle seepage which puzzles people in a long time is solved. This series of products have been used widely in some key projects and have gotten excellent results.

Waterproof wire adopted water-swelling rubber which will be self-swelling when contacted with water. So under the function of waterproof wire , the concrete and water can seal better, and waterproof performance can be more excellent.The sections divided into high-strength area, water-proof area and the installation area can take unequal thickness structures according to the unique function of every area. So each part of the sections can get uniform and reasonable force. Telescopic holes’ outer wall is plane; formwork folder system contact surface is large in construction and difficult to dislocation.Setting hole designed on the installation area is convenient to fix with the nearest steel bar, difficult to move, construction easily and install firmly.

It can be widely applied to various type of concrete structures , such as: Dams, reservoirs, subway, culverts, tunnels, and other underground works.