Swelling Waterstop Bar for concrete joint

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BW water-swellable rubber waterstop bar(rubber putty type )which will expand when water go in, is a new type of seal material. It can effectively resolve the sealing problems of settlement joints of concrete Structures.

It has the seal waterproof fuction of elastic joint water stop material, when the distance of joint for each side is beyond the elastic recovery of waterproof material, because this material will inflate when touching water. It still have fuction of waterproof within the range of materil’s inflating. The inflatable is equipped with characteristic of rubber at the same time. Such as waterproof, acid  and alkali resisting. In addition, it has many characteristics, such as slow speed of inflating, strong ability of water resisting, easy opperating ways, widly used for construction site in rainy season or construciton with more water.

This type of water stop bar is widly used in swimming pool, sewage treatment project, underground railway, tunnel and the crevice, expansion joint of concrete project.

PZ water-swellable rubber waterstop bar(rubber product type) It is sulfided and formed, but it is different from common rubber products. It features good resilience and extendibility, and also has elastic sealing and water stopping effect. It expands with water, and stops water by water, making the water-stop effect more reliable than common waterstop materials.

1. Excellent elasticity, extensibility and good inflatable waterproof performance. The rate of expansion can be abjusted between 100% and 500% in water. It is still equipped with elasticity and extensibility after expansion, the rate of expansion isn’t effected by the water quality.
2. It can keep a excellent performance of waterproof in a large-scale temperature.
3. Excellent waterproof, chemical resistance, durability. no harmful element and no pollution.
4.  It can be made to any shape as user’s needed or required and It also can be made to compound type waterproof material through mixing with common rubber.