Spherical Bearings for Bridge

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Spherical Bearing Assemblies

bridge spherical bearingQZ spherical bridge bearing is composed by top plate, base plate, convex middle plate and two teflon plates of different composition. Opposite the top plate, it is a concave spherical in the base plate, and the PTFE plate between them. Beam rotation through spherical surfaces and PTFE plate sliding; stainless steel plate on the top plate and another PTFE plates on the intermediate steel plate perform the second sliding surface, realized beam stretching displacement produced by temperature factors.

QZ spherical bridge bearing transfers force reliably and rotation performance is consistent.

QZ spherical bridge bearing has great bearing capacity, large displacement and large turning angles, so it is more suitable for wide bridge and curved bridge. No rubber is used in the QZ spherical bridge bearing so it never happen that brittle rubber caused by low temperature affecting the bearing rotation, and QZ spherical bridge bearing is especially suitable for cold areas.