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inflatable pipe plugDacheng inflatable rubber pipe plugs are categorized into two basic designs:Multi size plug and Single size plug.
Description:Trough the design of professional, this product is used in leaking hunting for drainage pipeline. It is made of high quality compounded rubber and polymer materials, and because of good gas tightness and light weight, it could be used in all kinds of non-pressure and low tension pipeline.


1、Economy practical .It could be used in cast iron pipeline plug, glass fiber reinforced plastics
pipeline plug, PVC, PPR pipeline plug, and double wall spiral pipeline plug and so on.
2、Service plugging ,and leak hunting.
3、Elliptic type. It easy to stuff the pipeline and it has good plugging effect.
4、Decay resistance.
5、Super strong expansibility.
6、Light weight and convenient to take, and easy to construct.

test pipe plug


Pipe plug with rubber bag is always used in pipe and culvert in order to excreting the sewage and waster water, And also used as the repairing rubber appliance. Because of its various specifications. It can be used to block the stream in various situations.

Working principle:

The working principle of rubber pipe plug is made of using high quality rubber sealing gasbag by adding method so that it has expanded ,when the gas pressure of sealing gasbag reach formulary requirement, the sealing balloon will fill in the whole pipeline section, and using the friction blocked leaking ,thus achieved the goal that without ooze water in pipe, Before operation of pipeline work of flow condition, measurement the diameter of air into the sealing pipe, Hold on the side of the rubber pipe plug with air cock ,slowly put the air bag into pipes. Before inflate the airbag, insert it completely in pipe, and connect the barometer and pump, then opened slowly the valve of pressure control table .The air pressure if controlled in safety area outside of pressure marked red,. Taut drawing rope in sleepers on rope binding firm ,through pressure control list, observation data, while if reaches the formulary requirement, close the vales of pressure control, and inflating is end .After that, within 20 minutes, keep connection between pressure control tables and pipe, observe data of air pressure sealing variation ,if everything is normal, and starts the work of pipeline construction.

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