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Rubber water-stop and water stop: rubber is the natural rubber and various kinds of synthetic rubber as the main raw material, adding various additives and fillers, the plastication, mixing, pressing forming.The water stop material has good elasticity, wear resistance, aging resistance and tensile properties, adapt to the deformation ability strong, waterproof properties is good, the temperature range of application for - 45 ℃ - + 60℃. When the temperature more than 70 ℃, and rubber water-stop by strong oxidation or the oil and organic solvent erosion, shall not use rubber water-stop.

Rubber water-stop method of use:
Rubber water-stop must take reliable fixed measures, tie bar and a when a mold. Prevent the pouring concrete displacement occurs, guarantee the water stop in concrete in the correct position.Only in the water stop allow part in perforated hole, for the fixed water stop. Shall not damage the local ontology.Commonly used fixed method is: the additional reinforcement fixed; Special clamp apparatus fixed; Use galvanized iron wire and template fixed, etc. Regardless of the type of fixed method, for water-stop fixed method should be according to the design requirements of the construction standard. Must ensure that water stop location accurate, no damage to water stop effective local, convenient concrete is poured concrete.

Used in underground structure, dam, reservoir, swimming pools, roofing and other building material and structure deformation joint waterproof.