AASHTO Neoprene Bearing Pads,neoprene bridge bearings

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Neoprene Bearing Pads,neoprene bridge bearings, laminated elastomeric bearings,seismic isolators etc are generally known as bridge bearing pads in Construction industry and we at www.zqdcrubber.com manufacture them in our purpose built plant using high-grade virgin Neoprene - Polychloroprene Grade- 2 into a rubber compound to match AASHTO M 251 Specification under controlled heat and pressure.
Manufacturing of laminated bearings are done by many a rubber moulding companies around the world but.... how do you evaluate that these bearings will confirm with Vertical Load and lateral shear capabilities as specified by designer?. The only way is to test these bearings under real time load to ascertain deflection on vertical load and subject to tests to evaluate stress strain relation ship under lateral shear under your own eyes.
Testes to be carried out for conformity of acceptance on Laminated bearings.
Acceptance Testing AASHTO Level I or Level II
Stiffness in Compression- Vertical Deflection under Load
Stiffness in Shear-Stress Strain Relation ship under Vertical load & Lateral Shear.
This shows our capability,commitment to quality maintenance, quality control methods, and expertise in controlling it. Under one roof with stringent quality control we manufacture bridge bearings, laminate elastomer bearings, elastomeric bearing, bearing pads, pot bearings,PTFE sliding bearing, molded, extrude rubber products in China manufactured to AASHTO specifications in China.